Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's a New Day!

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For those of us who are members of the Labour Party, or indeed are firm supporters and sympathisers, yesterday was not exactly one of joy and excitement. For various reasons many of us felt annoyed, irritated, angry, frustrated, as well as deep concern over the recent activities within the Home Office. I for one had my head in my hands more than once.
But today is a new day, and whilst we feel a bit bruised, a bit battered, rather angry at the events over the last twenty-four hours, we need to consider a few things.
First of all, the reasons why many people were drawn to Labour in the first place. When I became politically aware in my early teens, I supported Labour (after a brief dalliance with the Lib Dems or Lib/SDP Alliance as they were then), not because the Conservatives had people like Archer (although that did help), nor was it simply because of the mistakes the Conservatives made (although that helped as well). It was simply this.
I felt that the Conservatives were pursuing policies which, whilst it looked very attractive after the extremism of some trade unions in the 1970s, were, in the long run, jepoadising the economy, jepoadising people's jobs, jepoadising Britain's economic stance in the world.
I think Labour have done a great deal of good in the past nine years.The National Minimum Wage being an obvious starter. I myself benefitted from Labour when I was unemployed for a while and put on their New Deal program (and that is one of the reasons I joined the Party in 2002). Neil at Brighton Regency Labour Supporter has put Labour's stance well. Perhaps the analogy is streching a bit, and it's not quite one I would use, but the basic point is worth considering.
So is this. Throughout the UK, many Labour Councils and Councillors do a decent and hard working job in helping to make their communities a better place. That is not to say that they are the only ones that do, but the Labour Party have, I believe, the right policies to help local areas. I would be very saddened to see many of those decent and hard working people (many of whom lack national political ambition) lose their seats, to see decent Labour Groups who run various councils up and down the land lose their majority, simply because of three national political issues which they were not involved in.
I am sure that these matters will be dealt with swiftly, and for those who are thinking of staying at home or voting for anyone but Labour, please don't assume that many in the Party don't share your concerns and anxieties over such matters. They do! But there are other ways of dealing with them!
Like I said, it's a new day, so let's work to make it better with Labour!


Louisa Willoughby said...

I'm biased, ok, but when I first got interested in politics, I'd have supported anyone.
The Labour party has been like this, similar policies and ideology, since 1994 when Blair became leader. I'm not optimistic about change!

Paul Burgin said...

But Louisa, parties are not perfect. What about the Nat Minimum Wage, or the New Deal, or the lead this govt has taken over other govts in cancelling Third World debt, or the low unemployment, or strong economy we have, or...