Friday, April 07, 2006

Monkeying Around!


I am somewhat bemused by all the recent attempts by George Galloway to out the identity of the Fake Sheik reporter, Mazher Mahmood!
This is somewhat unfair in so far as the principle of investigative journalists need to have some degree of protection. That said, Mahmood's style of journalism as the Fake Sheikh isn't exactly investigative serious journalism! Hardly Woodward and Bernstein! Not if you look at the Countess of Wessex etc..
That said, I have little time for people who use pseudonyms to spread gossip about people in public, when they won't do it so openly.
So it's interesting that some of the people who was so keen to out Mahmood's identity are people who use a pseudonym themselves! People who spread gossip and make vicious and unpleasant personal attacks (even when it's true and the person is sorry), who could even be accused of petty bullying by publishing someone's phone no, and one of these gossip mongers anxious to out the Sheikh, being somewhat sensitive about his own identity being out in the open.
As is pretty understandable!
I am not interested in a scrap over this, but may I gently point out to the Recess Monkey gang(and others, to be fair!) that behaving like an adolescent is one thing, being oh so slightly hypocritical is something else!

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