Sunday, April 30, 2006

Prescott and Clarke debacle

(Press Association)

I don't approve of what John Prescott did and I do feel sorry for all concerned.
But what I find a bit off is his former mistress telling all to The Mail On Sunday, one of the most vicious and personal anti-Labour tabloids in the country! Just what positive help is that going to be to her or anyone else? If she really feels like that, then why not make an official complaint! Just goes to show that Hell have no fury..
With regards to Charles Clarke, I feel that he is a bit of a fall guy in that the real problem is the Home Office culture at present and that needs a radical overhall. Something both Conservative and Labour, to varying degrees, agree with. That said I feel he should do the honourable thing.
I feel rather bad about saying that with the strong sense of Party loyalty I have, but this is more than about elections and trying to avoid scalp victories from one's opponents, this is about helping to restore public trust and taking a sincere and honest view over what has happened and that is far more important. Put basically these incidents happened on Charles Clarke's watch. If this happened anywhere else in public life he would now be in severe trouble and with all that considered I think he has no alternative but to resign!
But I equally feel that there need to be some internal reforms of the Home Office as well and I would also like to add that these are personal views at present.


El Tom said...

I think he will have to go, which will be a real shame, considering how much of a better home secretary he has been compared to his predecessor.

Just at a time when they were coming out with great policy on probation...

Paul Burgin said...

I know, but this is just too bad. Any way you look at it he must resign or be sacked!

Louisa Willoughby said...

Yeah, his mistress shouldn't have told them, but she was probably devastated, rejected, hurt, had tried to contact him for ages. Alternatively, immoral, who knows.
Whatever, he shouldn't have done it.

Paul Burgin said...

I agree, I am simply saying that they were both wrong to have the affair (It takes two to tango), and she was wrong to sell her story. I appreciate she was hurt but what good will it do for her to do that!