Friday, April 07, 2006

The Right Brothers Song - "Bush Was Right!"


Hat Tip to Kerron for pointing this out, although to be fair I did spot it in yesterday's Guardian.
I can't tell whether it is meant to be ironic, or whether they are a quartet of self-righteous hicksters, but it is compelling to watch!
That said, the tune is somewhat reminiscent of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire! and, according to Kerron, the theme tune to Cheggers Plays Pop


Andrew said...

Ah, Billy Joel! I knew it reminded me of something.

Paul Burgin said...

Everyone's saying that! ;)

politicschimpette said...

I thought it was a joke until I looked at their website and saw the other titles that they have on their album! Scary!

Paul Burgin said...

Oh I took them seriously from the word go!
It was the lack of real satire and the unnerving look in the lead singer's eyes, of the sort where if you were in a pub with him on a Saturday night you had better be his friend!

the dĂșnadan said...

Is George Bush any more wrong than Bil Clinton? Or any other President for that matter (Geo. Washington excluded)? One reason I am not so fond of politics as I ought to be is the perpetual superiority complex that political rivals have over the other side. I believe I share this view with a number of other potential voters as well. It would be nice for the rivals to give the other man a little credit from time to time. Bill Clinton did some good things, surely Bush has as well. Likewise Blair, Major, Thatcher etc.

Paul Burgin said...

To be fair though, it's the kind of uperiority complex you mention that I spotted in the Right Brothers and made me write this entry.
You are right, it is easy to pick holes in the opposition and not spot the planks in our eyes, but that doesn't mean to say we shouldn't point out each others failings for the good of the country etc..
How we go about it of course is another matter entirely, so your prayers (and I am being v.serious here) on this will be much appreciated