Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vox Pops Part III

Where I mention in brief what I want to blog about, as I am having a busy day...

Election Campaign

The other day I went to Letchworth for an hour and found out that an aquaintance, who I met recently for the first time, lives in the Ward I am standing in. As we talked about education, health, the railways, amongst other things, he pointed out that he hasn't voted in the past five years.
He isn't someone who doesn't have time for politicians, as some who don't vote are, but rather he doesn't have the time, or is unsure of who to vote for, or it's a very busy day for him and he forgets. I don't think there is a simple answer for that, other than it's worth repeating that it's very important to vote and use your voice whether it has a major effect in itself or not. In 2003, about 29% of the people of Baldock Town voted in the council elections of that year. Just think what a difference would have been made if the other 71% had actually voted!
But many who don't vote know this! And voter apathy is definetly a problem that needs addressing.

Global Warming

Apparently it is estimated that the Arctic will be ice free by 2060 at the rate it is going!
Just what will it take for the americans to sign up to Kyoto? That said, we must all work harder to stop the spread!

Call to cut the role of religion in schools!

The NUT is going to be calling for this today, esp with regards to Religious education. Understandably I am very concerned about this and would point out that it is a) A mistake, considering the value of religion in public life, b) The amount of ignorance concerning the basic tenets in major religions amongst many people is, quite frankly, rather shocking! And c)It does strike me that this is a subtle form of persecution


Bono has been voted Britain's best loved lyricist with U2's song "One". It is certainly a favourite of mine, but it's good that VH1 did this poll because it seems that a lot of people don't listen to the sheer poetry that exists in some lyrics.
BTW I saw Radiohead on VH1 do a cover version of "Nobody Does It Better" at the weekend. I certainly thought so! ;)
Heck! Can't believe I just gave a cheesy pun there! :/

Guardian Headline on pg 15

"Anti-gay church hounds millitary funerals"

Not for the first time, I despair at the fact that some Christians, or supposed Christians, seem to be reading a different gospel to others! I mean, could you easily imagine Christ organising a vicious protest of millitary funerals just because a nation that tolerates gays is at war with another country. Furthermore, could you imagine Christ and his Disciples turning up with T-Shirts proclaiming that "God Hates Fags"
Neither can I! I certainly can't equate it to loving one's neighbour.

Euston Manifesto

Will be giving it an in-depth look this evening!


Louisa Willoughby said...

Will be interested to hear your views on the Euston Manifesto. There was something in the New Statesman about it this week. I have to say I got it slightly confuzzled with something else in the New Statesman this week, written by Martin Bright, talking about the new Clause Four for the Labour Party written by the Fabian Society. You're more likely to know about this than me?

It's odd, but I am finding myself increasingly apathetic about politics. I think this is for quite a few reasons... I'm at uni and everything seems very estranged there and out of the real world (not a great deal I can do about that). The Christians I'm with at uni also seem to be very evangelism-focussed rather than social action focussed (and yeah, there's some rightness in that) so no emphasis on politics. But I guess the main reason is, I'm just sick of political parties. Grr. I applied for a postal vote though...

Paul Burgin said...

Well I have just read the Manifesto and agree with most of it, but I want to chat with Andrew at B4L about it first before blogging it here, which I will do!
As for being apathetic. We all have our dark moments, but keep your chin up! As Christians we are called to be salt in the World and it is tough, but also necessary!