Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vox Pops


So much I want to blog on, so little spare time, so by the time I might get the chance the news might have moved on, so in short:

Council Elections
Obviously I will be more detailed on this at some point!

Denis Donaldson
Northern Ireland is tricky to write about at the best of times, suffice to say it was a brutal and barbaric murder and, as Peter Hain said, probably done to help undermine the peace process. I was also, as I suspect many others were, not surprised and that is somewhat of a sad reflection on the World we live in.
Thing is though, I am surprised Donaldson didn't pack up and swiftly move when journalists recently tracked him down!

Tony and Gordon
The Lennon and McCartney of the Labour Party. They have helped revitalise the state of Britain in the past eight years and it would be better at this stage to reflect on what Labour have done with their leadership on local communities and progress, rather than see that frittered away

Geneva Convention
No one, as of yet, has said that it will be scrapped and if anyone does, you can be sure that I will be the first to protest. Just because the enemy doesn't abide by the rules, doesn't mean that we should lower ourselves to their savagery. That said, we can show that we mean business without resorting to barbarism.

That's more or less it for now :-)


torytorytory said...

It's quite strange that (1) he continued to stay in Ireland (2) that he was not under the protection of British intelligence/security services.
When it was first revealed that he was an informer, the thought crossed my mind that he would be targeted by some or other Republican element.

Paul Burgin said...

It is strange, and I have that uncomfortable feeling that, due to the murky world he lived in we may never quite get to the bottom of it!
I just can't understand why he didn't flee the country!