Monday, April 03, 2006

Yet Another Blog Link

Fellow Labour activist and CSM member, Jonathan Cox, has set up a new blog for his project.
I first knew Jonathan when he worked for Alun Michael and he now works for the Refugee Council. In his line of fearless duty, Jonathan has taken part in the Living Ghosts Endurance Challenge.
This is a campaign to highlight the plight of failed asylum seekers who have to live on a Red Cross food parcel and just £5 a week. Since Wednesday, Jonathan has been living on £5 per week and it has been a tough time for him, although clearly not as tough as it is for real life asylum seekers who clearly have to cope with more than one week.
Worth a look, and Jonathan, keep up the blog after you've finished as I think your experiences and thoughts are worth sharing.


Bloggers4Labour said...

Do you think it would be appropriate for B4L, Paul?

Paul Burgin said...

Ask Jonathan. In theory yes, but I don't know how long his blog will last!