Monday, May 22, 2006

Another battle within the Liberal Democrats

(Press Association)

So Sir Menzies Campbell and Simon Hughes had a "full and frank exchange" the other day!
Usually a euphemism for a nasty argument, which degenerated into a lot of shouting and swearing and airing of "Home truths" (and I don't mean the BBC Radio 4 programme), where both sides smoulder over the argument over the following hours.
On one level, I genuinely feel sorry for them. Plus as someone from another political party looking on, it honestly doesn't make much sense when you consider how well they did last year. True they had a net gain (
Sarah Teathers' phrase, not mine) of about three councils in this year's elections, and Ming the Merciless is a bit weak at PMQ's. But he is a fairly respected statesman and he has a lot of gravitas when it comes to Iraq and places like Bosnia.
But then the Lib Dems do do the most strange things sometimes!


Neil Harding said...

I saw both Ming and Cameron at the Power Conference a few weeks back. Cameron said absolutely nothing of substance but managed to sound sincere and full of conviction while saying nothing at all while Ming said some great things but managed to send half the audience to sleep with his convulated lacklustre way of speaking. It was so depressing.

Paul Burgin said...

C'est la vie!