Friday, May 19, 2006

Big Brother 7


I have to say I am in two minds about the whole Big Brother phenonemon.
And I am obviously not talking Orwell here, I mean the popular TV series.
I do like the idea of it, and I was an avid watcher of the First Series, but as each year passes the whole thing gets worse, to the point that I can see little difference between the perceived public appetite for the programme and a tour of Bedlam by the aristocrats some two hundred years ago. In fact I seem to remember Private Eye making that distinction the year Jade Goody was involved.
I am not slating all of those who do watch it. After all, aside from a couple of fellow bloggers, such as Lola, my sister is an avid fan, as indeed is an ex girlfriend. In fact I watched Big Brother 5, because during some of our phone conversations she would be part watching the programme.
And you do get some great guys in there, like Craig Phillips, Anna Nolan , Eugene Sully, and Cameron Stout who got a lot of unfair flak for his fairly quietly held beliefs.
I have not yet seen anything of Big Brother 7 yet and I am not sure if I want to! Not when it looks like one contestant is being exploited for his Tourette Syndrome and Producers promise that this year will be "more twisted than ever". Each year they seem to deliberatley select the vulnerable and controversial and unstable people in society for the sake of ratings and each year it gets worse! You just know that they will be hoping for rows that border on violence, bitchiness at a stratospheric level, a lot of drunken and disorderly behaviour (remember Eugene hiding the alcohol last year, so that one of the other contestants did not get plastered!), and plenty of furtive sex (hence the three double beds this year).
The sad thing is that's what a lot of the audience want as well!
Is it me or am I almost the only one who feels some disquiet in the back of my mind about all of this?


Lola said...

Well the issue is that if you don't watch it, what do you talk about in the staffroom all summer?????

Paul Burgin said...

That is very true.
What I was trying to say in my blog is that it is an issue that we get torn over. Some of us can see the cultural downside, whereas it makes compelling viewing.
Doctor Who is a good one to talk about though! ;)

Lola said...

Yes, but the fact we are all torn over it is sadly what makes it good viewing and good staffroom chat fodder.....

yes the Doctor is another good chat topic, though, I agree....

Paul Burgin said...

Trust me on this! ;)

butteray said...

I was undecided on BB before the current series, and was prepared to accept it and just never (or only occassionally) watch it; but this time I thinked C4/Endermol have stepped way over the mark. It seems way-too stuffy to object to this stuff, but I think (or just hoping?) that the whole BB thing will come to a sad end this time round. Do you think it will last the 13 weeks, and will there be another BB?

Paul Burgin said...

I think it was last the course but serious questions, as the suicide threat the other day showed, need to be asked about BB. The fact that mental health charities are not happy with Channel 4 at the moment says a lot!