Monday, May 22, 2006

Cameron the Clown


Okay, a bit of a cruel title but I couldn't resist, and as I have stated before I quite like David Cameron (honestly!), but he does seem somewhat adrift with ideas.
Like his view that there is more to life than making money (Oh the temptation to mention the "greed is good" culture of the eighties ;) which many members and supporters of his Party espoused), and that making people more happy is a key challenge for politicians!
I have two concerns here. The first is that there is a kernal of truth here in that it is the job of politicians to help create and protect an ordered civic society which improves people's livelihoods. There may be disagreements on how that it done but I would have thought it was an obvious fact.
Secondly, Cameron's statement is very broad (as per usual). What does he mean exactly by this? It is not the job of politicians to legislate in people's personal lives unless it is of clear detriment to others, in any case what do most politicians mean by happiness!
Now there's a thought! ;)


the dĂșnadan said...

Okay, so David Cameron is a clown because he is adfrift with his ideas. How so? Well, because he doesn't believe something which - funnily enough - you don't believe, either. The only difference between you is that he is a member of the party that believed that money making was all, while you don't. But hold on, don't you belong to the party that no longer holds to certain socialist beliefs that were once key to its identity? So, what does that make you? A clown? Of course not! I think you were a little too mean there, Paul.

the dĂșnadan said...

BTW: I think David Cameron is hedging his bets in regards his membership of the Conservative Party as he is also a licensed minicab operator in London. Don't believe me? Go to, click on 'operators' and type in 'david cameron' in the company/trading name field and lo, his name will appear!

torytorytory said...

It is not the job of politicians to legislate in people's personal lives unless it is of clear detriment to others

You hit the nail on the head there... a pity this Labour government doesn't believe in that concept. Blair's headline legislation, Brown's Puritan streak and NuLab miniters' predilection for regulation has only worsened the extent to which every aspect of our lives is being meddled with by the nannystate.

Paul Burgin said...

Dunadan, I meant Clown as in Cameron wanting to pursue happiness. Admittedly there was some tounge in cheek there, but it was not meant to be as malicious as it appeared.
The Labour Party was founded on Social Democratic ideals. We still hold them although our ideas and ways and means have developed and changed over the years in the same way society does.
Tory, that was not meant to be so neo liberal as it appears. What I regard as meddlesome might be different to you. For example I was more than happy to see smoking banned in most public places because many are unhappy with it, many have health issues with it, and many called for a change! It was a social thing (smoking in a pub for example) which I regard as a detriment to others'