Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eric Forth

(BBC Online)
I have to say that I was not a major fan of his, and it is because of that that I hesitated before blogging about his death last night.
But he was a shrewd Parliamentarian and knew the ropes of Commons proceedure well (a fair feat). For that he was, and should be, respected.
Plus his colourful waistcoats and love of Elvis showed that he wasn't dull! :)
In any case it will be interesting for a close friend of mine. When not doing a Phd, she lives with her family in Bromley, and she is apolitical if somewhat leaning to the centre left, so it will be interesting what her views will be in the coming weeks!


torytorytory said...

His death came as a quite a surprise to me - it was only two weeks ago that I saw the Speaker berate him for shouting at the PM.

He has always been my favourite parliamentarian, putting principles before party loyalism, fighting impractical and petty legislation and espousing proper parliamentary scrutiny. But I would not have agreed with his anti-gay rights stance.

Eric Forth RIP.

BTW, Paul, I have to agree with Kerron that your previous profile photo was better.

Paul Burgin said...

Well if I come across an MP I agree with 100% down the line on every single issue, I think I would be very worried!

Paul Burgin said...

As for my photo I know, but if one's mum complains! (shrugs shoulders)