Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Euston Manifesto: The Saga Continues

Have been invited to the launch (might be late as I am working that day) and will let you know the details if and when they occur.
Unless our (I am a signatory in case you haven't noticed) detractors are right and we have to utter secret oaths and are given some trowels and aprons, complete with goody bags! ;)


Bloggers4Labour said...

I'll have to shoot out of work, bus it up into Islington, and no doubt have to stand at the door with a bucket. Not for donations, of course, but for the ram's blood all acolytes must drink :-) I'd rather just guard the vol-au-vents to ensure people just take one!

Paul Burgin said...

I mean, God help those who take more than one!