Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Honours and their value

NormBlog reminded me about reading about Michael Winner's comment concerning OBE's in the weekend newspapers.
It reminds me of former Doctor Who actor Nicholas Courtney (a.k.a. Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart), mentioning in his memoirs that when he was working on a Winner film, Winner could be nasty to the techincal staff and was once asking where one of them was. When he was told he was in one of the cubicles, Winner banged loudly on the door and told him to get out. "Sorry Mr Winner" came the reply, "I can only deal with one s**t at a time!"
I have already mentioned what I think about the Honours System, suffice to say that I think Winner is being a bit of a snob here! It's almost reminiscent of when the Beatles got their MBE's!
Personally I am glad if a toilet cleaner gets an OBE! Many work long thankless hours and get little or no thanks for it. Not only that but we do need them, more so than film directors who are renowned for having an obnoxious manner. What's more I think it is better that a toilet cleaner gets an OBE for their hard and thankless work than for someone around eighty years ago to simply pay a large amount of cash for it, with a nasty parasite of a human being working as the courier!


Skuds said...


It always strikes me as a little unfair that those who do jobs which are intrinsically exciting, stimulating or rewarding should also get paid loads for those jobs, and then expect awards, honours and perks on top, while those doing the less pleasant jobs get paid far less.

Another word for wages is 'compensation'. Surely the worse a job is the more you need to compensate?

If all film directors vanished we could get by well enough. If all the toilet cleaners vanished we would probably all perish in some mass infection.

Toilet cleaners deserve some praise - especially if they have to deal with Michael Winner's bog after all those rich dinners at fancy places he is reviewing.

Paul Burgin said...

I totally agree