Saturday, May 20, 2006

Not the Da Vinci Code

Whilst reading the film review of The Da Vinci Code in yesterday's Guardian. The reviewer finished with some strange esoteric statement and said that, in the spirit of the film, there was a secret message in there and mentioned the code. Almost laughed out loud when I decoded it as WAYNE ROONEY WILL BE THE NEXT POPE.
In the spirit of this I intend to make a small statement, a confession to long standing readers of this blog, and to find it, check the first letter of the first word and then every first letter of every third word after that.
Have fun! ;)

"Can it be another plot to make a sensational epithet about the religion which is omnipresent and sure. Never wavering, but agonising over the night, assured of deliverance. Queens and Kings, Presidents and Emperors, see the real authority and realise it's power. Omnipitent it will never die.
As it is. Real life is edging towards this nirvana of beyondness. Overall it appears time stands still, trembles before it. Withers in fear. Idolises before the never-ending glimpse of seas of life."


torytorytory said...

Here goes: Cameron and Kerron are not twins :-)heh?

Talking of the Da Vinci Code, my friends and I have just driven to four different shopping centres looking for cinemas where it's not sold out. Even with all the critics panning it, it's probably going to be a box office hit.

I'm not really uncomfortable about seeing it. I've reached a stage in my faith where I find such silly nilly concpiracies amusing rather than annoying. IMO the churchleaders are taking it too seriously.

Neil Harding said...

You do realise that it is a work of fiction. Nobody claims it is fact. Mind you, I can understand you religious types being worried. If you believe Jesus was real and God exists you can believe anything.

torytorytory(this name is so unoriginal) said...

You do realise that it is a work of fiction. Nobody claims it is fact.

Um… I wasn’t born yesterday. I was merely commenting on the fact that anti-Christian films and literature has become acceptable in Western society – something which I applaud, because religion, like any other types of belief, should not just be accepted at face value. I’m a thinking Christian, not a ‘because the Bible says so’ literalist. That’s why I believe in a secular society where no religion or any beliefset is protected or favoured. Strangely, I actually have more respect for atheists than agnostics who are unconcerned about such matters.

Paul Burgin said...

"Here goes: Cameron and Kerron are not twins :-)heh?"
To quote Francis Urquart in House of Cards; You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment! :)
I agree about the Da Vinci Code being mildly irritating more than anything else, if anything the film seems to have the positive effect of causing questions to be asked about life, the Universe, everything etc..
Neil, it's interesting you don't think Christ existed, when even some hardened athiests would agree that some chap named Jesus roamed around Israel and Palestine some 2,000 years ago. With regards to the fiction/fact aspect, everyone regards it as fiction, but some arewondering if there is an element of truth in some of the propositions about Christ! Such rumours have fed initial bestsellers for decades and were the basis for the Da Vinci Code novel!