Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cross, Labourshire. Twinned with Dale, Conservativeshire

Iain Dale has quoted from my interview with Kerron.
Thing is, Iain is convinced that Kerron is his opposite no in the Labour Party (I can see what he means, there are some similarities in their blogging style), but I was slightly saddened to see that I got it wrong! ;)
Expect the Manxman from Watford to set up a political bookshop and edit "Little Book of Tory Sleaze" before too long ;)


Kerron said...

I have no idea what "convined" means but I can assure you - whatever it means - Iain hasn't done it to me yet, as far as I am aware. ;-)

BTW I think Manxie or Manxman is slightly more accurate than "the Manx" in that context.*

(*See I'd be a good editor!)

Paul Burgin said...

Me and my Grunidad typos. Have swiftly edited it! :-)
Question remains though, Kerron, as to whether your career will mirror Iain's! ;)

Kerron said...

Iain - when you read this comment - can you tell me if you still have a career!? ;-)

Personally I'd be happy to be known as "Labour's Iain Dale" or his "twin". (For a start it would stop you talking about how David Cameron is my twin!)

If only the Tories could merge together someone with Iain's wit and charm and David Cameron's looks, then they'd be on to a winner.

Unfortunately for them, I'm a member of the Labour/Co-op parties - and plan to be for some time yet! :-)

Paul Burgin said...

You read it here first folks! ;)

Iain Dale said...

Kerron, are you saying Cameron's better looking then me? I'm appalled.

Paul Burgin said...

:), methinks I will withdraw before a domestic takes place! ;)