Friday, June 23, 2006

Earliest Political Memory

Feeling inspired by Iain Dale's piece on this subject, I was just wondering what your earliest political memory is.
As for me, this is what I posted on his blog:

Born 1975.
Shortly before my family moved to Oxfordshire in June 1979, I have this blurred memory of seeing the 5:40 news after Ivor the Engine and seeing piled rubbish in an area. I have an uncomfortable feeling with hindsight that I was seeing a news item about the Winter of Discontent.First definite memory, newswise, would have been Prince Charles's first marriage. I definetly remember the Falklands, and my earliest political memory (aside from finding out at the age of seven that Parliament was where people shouted at each other and behaved in an immature way) was the 1983 general election. I remember telling my paternal gran (who was a member of the Conservative Party), that I wanted Margaret Thatcher to win because Michael Foot looked like a horrible old man.Thankfully however, by the time of the 1987 general election I was a bit more aware and wanted the Tories out (because they caused unemployment)and wanted the SDP/Liberal alliance to win (because they seemed reasonable and hadn't had a chance since the First World War).I got it right by 1992, or should I say left ;)

Incidentally, this post has brought back more memories, such as when the Queen's bedroom got broken into and Indira Gandhi getting shot, as well as the shock of realising just how long ago these events were..
Anyway, am interested to know what your memories are! ;)


Patrick H said...

Born 1976. My parents tell a story about how I couldn't understand when I was a child why they used to watch the TV news, as (in what are apparently my own words) "It's only for people with no jobs".

Thinking back, it's likely that a large proportion of news bulletins led with an item about rising unemployment, which must have fed into my mind that only the unemployed would be interested.

Strange how kids' minds work. :)

Louise said...

Have already commented on Iain's blog on this, my earliest memories being the miners strike and the Brighton bomb.

My first realisation that I was a Conservative came when I was helping in Jim Sillars' by-election rooms in 1988 at the age of 12. I was folding leaflets and reading them at the same time and arguing with everything they contained. My dad was asked not to take me back. Snippy Nats.

Skuds said...


When I was 8 years old, we were told that someone called 'Thatcher the milk-snatcher' wanted to take away the free milk we used to get in those funny third-pint bottles.

Thats the first time I associated a politician with a policy.