Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Anniversary

As some of you may or may not know, Saturday will be the first anniversary of the start of my blog.
Of course, like all things that start, Mars Hill was somewhat different than it is today. Tiny readership, no Bloggers4Labour involvement, sporadic postings. Then slowly, bit by bit it grew.
So what did I mention this time last year. Well you can find it all here, suffice to say I did a review of The Girl in the Cafe, was looking forward to the Live 8 concerts, made an attack on Zimbabwe's so-called government, sneered at the Crazy Frog tune, mentioned my involvement with a Make Poverty History vigil, and attacked Henry Kissinger in such a way, that I doubt I will ever be invited to a Bilderberg Group meeting.
Am happy and proud of my blog, and for those who have stuck with me and my rants for a year (or at least six months), I thankyou and assume from that that I must be doing something right.
To celebrate though, I am asking for two things. One for you to tell me what your favourite blog posting of mine was (and I will add a link to the one with the most in favour). The other is to ask for your suggestions on what you want me to blog on during the weekend. At the moment the suggestions seem a little, well.. Suffice to say I am open to all comments and ideas.
Incidentally, last year I asked for captions with regards to the Live Aid photo on the left. Being a relative unknown at the time, none were forthcoming, so if you can think of something witty now, that would be great! ;)

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the dĂșnadan said...

Have you ever done a post on your favourite alocholic beverages, Paul? Since it is your anniversary, I think you shd do a booze blog!

Paul Burgin said...

Interesting one there...
I might try and do a blog entry covering everything suggested, which might end up requiring some feat! :)

Lola said...

I think drink the booze then attemopt the marathon blog on all subjects and see what you get!

Paul Burgin said...

I don't think so, but it strikes an interesting vision!

Lola said...

oh, what a shame!

Paul Burgin said...

For who ;)

Shaun (ed.) said...

The other is to ask for your suggestions on what you want me to blog on during the weekend.

Two suggestions:
1. Who do want as next leader of the Labour Party?

2. How about discussing the West Lothian Question that arises from half baked and unreciprocated devolution? Discuss the implications of MPs representing Scottish seats being able to vote on English/Welsh matters, but MPs representing English and Welsh seats unable to vote on Scottish matters. This unconstitutional unfairness is going to become a major talking point in the next year or so, especially with ministers representing Scottish seats making policies on only English and Welsh matters, thus rendering them unaccountable to any electorate. Paul, what are your solutions to this problem?

Paul Burgin said...

Will see!