Friday, June 23, 2006

Private Eye Part III

(Private Eye)
As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of Private Eye magazine, and buy at just about every fortnight.
And this edition is a particular gem, although I don't think the cover is so good (I still think one of the best is the first ever one I brought, the one with David Mellor and his family and in-laws posing for the cameras)
So what do I like about this edition! Well the Street of Shame articles are good. I thought the Jonathan Aitken spoof diary was cruel, but the joke in it about Aspinall and Goldsmith was good, although I would have involved Aspinall's zoo in the bit about the Emperor Bokassa wanting something to eat had I drafted it. Or maybe for legal reasons I might not have, in any case (ahem) we all know what a kind and lovely person Aspinall was and his zoo was one of the best in the land! The bit about Freddie Forsyth and Charles Haughey is an eye opener and I hope it isn't true because, whilst I strongly disagree with Forsyth at the best of times, I have some respect for him.
And the Premiers**ts, Yobettes, and Gary Bloke cartoons are a joy as ever.


C4' said...

I also enjoy Private Eye a great deal. I must get around to read what Hislop wrote about Forsyth.

Paul Burgin said...

Well it's basically about asking Haughey for protection from the IRA because he had just brought a home in Ireland, and Haughey using his contacts. My beef is that this was mentioned during a tribute to Charles Haughey and that it almost inadvertantley legitamises the IRA's activities, although I don't think Forsyth meant that.

El Tom said...

I love private eye. I read Viz to feed my dark side.

Paul Burgin said...

Well I don't read Viz as a habit (I have to draw the line somewhere! ;) ), but from what I have seen of it I like "Modern Parents" and that deeply unpleasant boy Jack with his collie dog.