Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rupert has spoken

(Associated Press)
Unlike many on the left I don't see Rupert Murdoch as the devil incarnate, although I do question and get concerned about some of the influence he has over British, American, and Australian politics.
And yesterday evening was no exception when he suggested what I suspected could happen, i.e. that his newspapers could be supporting the Conservatives at the next general election.
You can just see some Sun columnists (not least former Sun Editor, Kelvin Mackenzie) just straining at the leash to put forward a pro Conservative message, and it doesn't help when Murdoch mentions when he thinks Gordon Brown should call an election (i.e. eighteen months after he becomes PM).
Well time will tell won't it! So long as Labour sticks to it's principles, consistently seeks to engage and rengage with voters, and works to implement those policies that make us ready to ask for a fouth term, then we have hope.


A soft socialist said...

Murdoch isn't the devil but the Sun is, it could finish us.

Paul Burgin said...

I know it could!
But I will say this for The Sun, and thats unlike The Daily Mail, it doesn't hide what it is!
Problem is, Murdoch is holding The Sun at the leash, my concern is if he lets it go!