Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Transcribing Interviews

I don't know whether it is blogspot playing up at the same time, but following Skuds advice and rearranging the links and format on my interview with Kerron has caused no end of problems. No sooner do I tidy everything up, than several of the links come undone, or some of the interview goes missing. It's like that Greek myth of pushing a stone up a hill, only to see it fall back down. So rather than waste my time getting annoyed, I have brought it back to how it was originally and suggest that for now, future interviewees don't leave any links on their answers.
A bit harsh I know, but just trying to keep everyone happy (which is probably how I got into this mess! :( )


Jo said...

I don't know how you were editing it, but my advice would be to cut and paste it all into notepad and edit it from there. Code the links up so that you use word(s) as the link not the URL itself. (e.g. Mars Hill rather than And don't forget to use the relevant p and br tags etc.

If you've done all this, then my apologies!ad

Skuds said...

Sisyphus is the chap you are thinking of...

I don't know why you had so much trouble with it all. Do you write/edit your posts in "compose" mode or "html" mode?

I used to have the odd problem with compose mode if I had pasted from somewhere else and there was a DIV or SPAN in there somewhere which was not not visible but was affecting other parts of the page.

Paul Burgin said...

Jo, I have yet to do that
Skuds I use html, but have used compose in the past! html, is so that I can see exactly what I am doing, unless it is for downloading pictures when it won't work properly, in which case the reverse is true.
The way you describe your experiences seems to correspond with mine. Will try and deal with it first thing tomorrow, but right now am tired


Mike Ion said...

Vote for your favourite Labour blogger - polls close on Friday

Paul Burgin said...

Have tried notepad and it is just not working.
And to cap it all I have a dummy run of an entry in trying to edit that just won't go away
Will leave the original as it is, as it is more trouble than it's worth.
Not how I imagined things to turn out! :(

Paul Burgin said...

And the post at the top has disapeared
I have thought of a compromise in dealing with Kerron's post though, which should work

Kerron said...

Vote for Kerron. His blog works. ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

Thats unfair, I have never had problems like this before!
Besides you are one vote ahead of me, so I don't know why you are complaining! :(