Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Weekend

Originally when I thought about it, I wasn't going to blog on my weekend. Felt that I didn't have to blog on nearly everything which goes on in my life. Then I came across the somewhat pompus and pedantic Mike, Mark, and Dave, who may well be a humourless Labour activist, or a malicious Conservative/Lib Dem, and thought "Why not!"
Plus I saw Battersea Power Station against a lovely 7PM sun glow and wished I had my digital camera with me so I could show you! Instead you will have to make do with this:


I know, it's a bit ugly, but on the other side, against the evening sun, it.Well you would have had to have seen it to believe me.
So what was I doing this weekend! Well I got invited to an impromptu party of sorts by my mate Jon, who recently did a blog about living on just £5 a week. Thankfully he only did it for a week in order to make a political point about asylum seekers.
So anyway, he is hosting this party where he lives and as I have been to his parties before and have had to dash across Central London between half ten and midnight in order to catch the last train from King's Cross (a bit of a triathlon in itself), I ask if I could stay the night, which was fine so long as I brought a sleeping bag, which I duly did.
Got lost between Battersea Park and Jon's flat, but managed to get there on time, after having to go around another block because of a police and fire brigade cordon (Still haven't found out what happened there), and was the first to arrive. But the Party soon gets in full swing and I hardly know anyone there this time, bar Jon, his girlfriend Anna, Jon's flatmates, and the saintly Helen (Not Lola I hasten to add, although she is angelic! ;) ), but somehow it is one of those times where it doesn't matter and you find you get chatting with most there. Someone got out their karaoke CD's and most of us had a go, although I regret attempting Don't Stop Me Now, given Freddie Mercury's amazing vocal range.
Party finished at 3AM and I slept on one of the sofas and woke up just before 9AM feeling refreshed and relaxed. Had a wash, got dressed, watched Sunday AM (wondering if that is normal! I think not), before helping clear up and have some breakfast/lunch and heading off home.
Probably boring I know, but I haven't enjoyed myself so much in ages, and have forgotten the fun but bizzare conversations people have at parties, like my arguing with one person why having cats and dogs as households pets are useful and that he was wrong to suggest them as potential haute cuisine!
Wasn't anyone I have mentioned here, I can assure you of that! ;)


Lola said...

i am deliberately doing more silly posts than normal to annoy him!

Paul Burgin said...

So am I! :)
In the middle of writing up one now

Skuds said...

A bit ugly??

Its beautiful, as well as being a fantastic technical acheivement, and thats without even considering the Pink Floyd connections!

Paul Burgin said...

It is a beatiful sight, I suppose I spotted one or two little flaws and got very defensive, given some people's dislike of such buildings