Monday, July 17, 2006

Conservative Blues

(The amount of times that pun has been used! ;) )
So David Cameron is seven months into his post as Leader of the Opposition and some of the media have been looking at him with interest, and in some cases hope!
This is understandable, if you are a Tory! After all they have now lost three general elections in a row, have slowly realised that their politics need to change if they are to be re-elected to office, they have gone through leader after leader and they are starting to feel desperate.
So with someone so revolutionary, so dynamic as Cameron how are things going!
Well not too well if he expects to be the next Prime Minister but one. The opinion polls may say one thing (but then the opinion polls did well for Labour on occasion during the 1980s), but scraping through in the otherwise safe Conservative seat of Bromley, getting lukewarm support from the Daily Mail, indiscreet e-mailing from his PPS, problems with the A'list, and now senior Conservative MP Edward Leigh getting his paces for a verbal punch up does not bode well for Mr. C
Ah well David, there is always the holiday season! Perhaps a holiday in Norway with the huskies!

(Press Association)

Plus I don't think hiding behind a plant is going to help either! ;)


Andrea said...

to be fair Ed Leigh is probably the Tory version of John McDonnell. He's a prominent member of Cornerstone (also called Tombstone)

Shaun (ed.) said...

Paul, aren't you above these fits of wishful thinking? The usual murmurings among Tory benches (to be fair, Tory MPs have never been known for their blind loyalty - it is to be commended for nuLab-style sycophancy can never be called a virtue), is as nothing compared to the open warfare that is about to erupt in the Labour Party.

Besides, it's not as if the Bennites and the socialist dreamers were silent when Blair was conducting his pol pot revolution in the 1990s

Louise said...

Unsurprisingly, I don't agree Paul :-)

And some of us think that the Daily Mail's being lukewarm is a good indicator of the Party moving forward.

Paul Burgin said...

Well I can't comment on how I like to see the Conservatives develop but it is worth bearing in mind how many right-wingers read The Daily Mail and agree with it's politics!
The long fight against the Bennites began much earlier Manic and we didn't hide behind cosy language when we did take them on either!