Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Heat Is On!

It looks like today is going to be the hottest day of the year and I can well believe it.
Went to bed shortly after midnight last night, feeling hot and bothered and not even bothering to cover myself with a duvet, and before anyone says it (because I know how some of your minds work) I did have decorum and wear boxers if nothing else!
But I got up around Seven AM this morning and still felt hot and bothered (although to be fair, some of that may well have been tiredness) and was worried about whether or not to water the plants outside because it was already fairly baking outside.
And like yesterday, I don't like to be far from a bottle of water, squash, or even Lipton Ice Tea (which I have developed a fetish for).
But we can be thankful for some mercies. It doesn't seem to be so consistent as it was in 1976, over a long period of time. It certainly didn't seem to bother me then.


A soft socialist said...

It was ridiculously hot last night. I could not sleep at all.

Andrea said...

"it (because I know how some of your minds work) I did have decorum and wear boxers if nothing else!"

at least they weren't YFronts!

Anyway I detest summer weather when it's too hot. I often have to work on my computer, so my room tends to become a sort of sauna! So I've to use the laptop, so I can move it around various rooms before they become too hot (my father wonders if I've gone crazy)

Kerron said...

Lipton Ice Tea is fantastic. It has very relaxing qualities - I wonder if it should be a banned substance. :-)

A soft socialist said...

I will purchase some later today and then report back.

Paul Burgin said...

It certainly is theraputic
Erm, yes boxers. I always wear them. I think Steve Bell's cartoons of John Major put me off for life!

JP said...

FAO Paul Burgin

Ruth asked that I pass this on, lost your email so I hope this is ok. Cheers JP:

You may be pleased to hear that I will be leaving the country on 24 July for quite a long time (until Feb 07) so it has been suggested to me that we go out for a few drinks and have a sort of team GD get together at the same time. I've not got many dates left in my diary before I leave so Thursday 20th July is about the only one available.

After consultation with people who are much cooler than I am, it's been decided that we should meet at Zanders Bar on Buckingham Gate tomorrow night from about 6pm - it's not far from Victoria/St James Park, so it should be easy enough for most of you to get there & stagger home


Ruth xxxx

the dĂșnadan said...

Heat. Burgin. Bovvered?

Paul Burgin said...


Just in case this doesn't get through to Ruth via her e-mail, tell her I am sorry but I can't make it(which is a shame because it would have been good to see her before she left the country), that I wish her well and give her a big hug and a kiss from me
Although not the sort of hug and kiss I tend to share with my girlfriend, obviously! ;)
Oh and thank her for looking after me so well on the days when I helped in Geraint's Westminster office those two years ago. I don't think I ever did say thanks for that :(