Monday, July 31, 2006

Lebanon/Israel. What needs to be done for now!

(BBC Online)
It is of increasing concern to many, pro Israelis included, that the attacks on the Lebanon are rather disproportionate in dealing with the terrorist activities of Hezbollah. It's something I have mentioned before on this blog, and indeed I am not blind to the fact that Hezbollah, esp when you consider that they are sponsored by Iran, is keen for an excuse for an all-out war with Israel, and if you doubt that, then consider this.
But that is no excuse whatsoever for what happened in Qana yesterday. It is a continuation of Israel going OTT in dealing with a terrorist threat, it does not help those Lebanese who might otherwise be their allies, and it was rightly condemmed by the UN. What needs to be done now is, as the Prime Minister stated, a UN resolution to swiftly put an end to the conflict and for both sides to lay down their arms.
This will be tough to enact, but it needs to be done. The Middle East is currently a powdercake waiting to explode at the moment, what with Al Qaeda, the conflict in Iraq, Iran's growing millitarism and being firmly in control of the hardliners, and now this! If we are to prevent a conflict that will consume this continental region, we need to try our utmost to nip it in the bud right now, because if this current conflict between Israel and Lebanon continues into September (and with the Israelis making ground attacks), then we have major problems and that it putting it mildly.


Shaun (ed.) said...

Random bombing is wrong (I don't think airstrikes can ever be absolutely accurate)- btw what we did to Dresden in 1945 was sickening - but Israel should continue to defend itself. Hezbullah has been launching rockets and firing mortar bombs and other canonshot for the last five years now (the kidnappings were the last straw) and even if Israel stops any military action, Hezbullah will not stop. Turning the other cheek is not option when you are faced withe people who believe you should be driven into the sea.

What is really sad, is that too many people in the Arab world is loving the buzz they get from glorifying Hezbullah's so-called resistance at the cost of Lebanon's innocents and infrastructure. I also wonder at all the Palestinian parents who hate Israel more than they love their own children. It makes me sick when parents praise their dead children for having gone off to do suicide bombings.

Paul Burgin said...

It makes me sick too, and I don't advocate turning the other cheek in such circumstances, but Israel's actions are disproportionate and I am writing as someone who is fairly pro Israeli, although I strongly disagreed with the settlement programme.
I think this is a job for the UN. At least if Hezbollah continue their tricks then, they will have more (in theory) to answer to

Man in a shed said...

Paul, did you catch Panorama last week (Sunday 30th july - still watchable on the internet - at least for another day ). I think it puts the pressure Israel is under into some sort of perspective.

It does deal with Hamas, rather than Hezbollah, but I think it sets some of the scene from the Israeli view point.

it is hard to judge the Israeli's, especially as most in Britain see things from a Christian view point - where moderation and restraint are virtues. I don't belive that is the case with the other faiths in the middle east.

If I had to judge the Israeli's then I'd be using the just war principal. What matters is can they realistically achieve their objectives - which have to be just - with minimum damage. (In an early post on my blog I said I doubted it and they shoudl stop.)

There is little doubt that Hezbollah built schools etc on top of military bunkers and have prevented civilians leaving areas as well as having a very firm hand on what the media reports. ( Possibly even recreating some scenes such as Qana for the cameras ). The have none of the hang ups that the IDF have and are a dagger pointed at the heart of every Israeli man woman and child.

Personally I think the Israeli's are over doing it - but then I'm not under the threat and terror they are.

Paul Burgin said...

I totally agree. In fact, apart from people like Galloway, there is some broad political agreement here about the present conflict between Lebanon/Israel