Sunday, July 30, 2006

Margaret Beckett. Banned from holidaying in the Isle of Man?

Kerron has been blogging away about his week long holiday in the Isle of Man. Home of his ancestors.
Among the interesting tidbits, he has mentioned some fascinating facts about this Island which is, in many respects, an independent nation.
One of them caught my eye and it was this:

" Caravans are banned on the island. Although camping is popular, and caravanettes are allowed."

Now it is known that our new Foreign Secretary is a keen fan of caravanning, and indeed that she and her husband go on regular holidays with theirs.
In which case I doubt they will be holidaying on Manx territory in a hurry! ;)


Charlie said...

Thankfully... who'd want Mags Beckett in our neck of the woods?!

Paul Burgin said...