Monday, July 24, 2006

Twenty Five years on and John Lennon still causes controversy

(Annie Liebovitz)
Adele at Take back the voice has mentioned about John Lennon's Imagine and how a church has banned his song!
I can see their point as the song is a bit of a secular hymn. I blogged about the song myself some months back.
Am just smiling at the fact that Lennon can still cause controversy some twenty-five years after he was cruelly taken from us. For my own opinion, I like the song and some of the ideals which are universal, but I do prefer "Grow Old With Me" as a hymn, which is from the Milk and Honey album.
As for favourite Lennon song with a good creed! Well I like the single version of Revolution


politicschimpette said...

Actually, it was worse than a church banning it, it was a church school near politicschimpette's stamping ground!

Paul Burgin said...

Small world!