Friday, August 18, 2006

All about the No 3

Browsing through the Dunadan's blog and, in turn, browsing at the blogs linked to his (Totus Pius looks a bit scary, although I am sure they mean well ;) ), I came across one of those lists that go around the blogosphere from time to time, courtesy of Evie Winter's blog (The Dunadan's sister. Who, from what I can gather from having a brief look, seems to have the measure of him and a good thing to ;)).
But as it looks like he may well refuse to be tagged for this list, I thought I ought to try it myself and tag a few others along the way (apologies to the Dunadan and Evie if I have caused any breach of blogging ettiqute)

The MEME of three.

1... Things that scare me.

Being physically attacked
Horror movies late at night

2.…People who make me laugh.

Armando Iannucci
The League of Gentlemen
My brother

3...Things I hate the most

Barney the Dinosaur
Sesame Street (Which is a contradiction in terms because I love the Muppets. I think it's the american patronising education thing)

4...Things I don't understand.

When we try to do good we can end up doing bad things (I know it's human nature and we are all imperfect, but...)
Why kids love Sesame Street when it teaches them to mispronounce words
Why the French weren't interested in us looking after them during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries (Sorry, if you are reading this Aline)

5...Things I'm doing right now.

Writing these answers
Thinking on what to do before I go to bed
Thinking I ought to sort everything out for Greeneblt next week

6...Things I want to do before I die

Be a famous writer
Travel more
Fully work out my niche in politics (oh yes and getting married, having children, travelling to the furthest reaches of the World etc..)

7 Things I can do

Sing badly at Karioke
Recite all the King's and Queen's of England since Alfred the Great in quick succession (For an encore I can do Britsh Prime Ministers since Pitt the Younger, Popes since Clement XIV, US Presidents and Russian leaders since Ivan the Terrible)
Ski adequately

8.Ways to describe my personality


9...Things I can't do

Pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time and quickly change hands
Abseil (Did it once, terrfying. On second attempt a year later I chickened out)
Play guitar (at all)

10...Things I think you should listen to

ELO's Mr Blue Sky (Preferably first thing in the morning on a sunny day)
Amazing Grace
Any recording of Mark Anthony's funeral oration for Julius Ceasar, as written by Shakespeare (You want to know about why some people are effectivepolitical speakers, you should consider that speech)

11...Things you should never listen to

Anything that dodgy chap Osama Bin Laden says
The Count in Sesame Street

12...Things I'd like to learn

Another language (another attempt at French, or German or Latin)
How to drive
Why people think it's okay to violently protest against the government when it is about Fox Hunting, but not when it is anything more serious

13...Favorite foods

Cooked breakfast

14...Beverages I drink regularly.


15...Shows I watched as a kid

Play School
Blue Peter
Record Breakers

16...People I'm tagging.

Lisa Rullsenberg
Andrew at Wongablog

(Okay that's more than three, but I felt I couldn't leave others out, and those that did, it's simply because I didn't think this was your thing. That said, if I am wrong it will be interesting to see what you mention


evie said...

No offence taken, I knew he wouldn't do it before I tagged him, glad to see others are more obliging :)

Skuds said...

Re: 3
You may not like it, but have a look at Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point for some interesting stuff about how effective the programme was at improving literacy and numeracy in the US.

Re: 7
How about a real challenge - reciting all the managers of Aston Villa under Doug Ellis :)

Paul Burgin said...


Incidentally, why won't Malc put such a list down. Is it privacy, or that he thinks it's beneath him, or both, or what?


Tempting, but will want to do Leics City first. As for Sesame Street. The prejudice goes back nearly twenty-five years. Compare it to the Britishness that is Play School (which I loved) and you will see why!

evie said...

At the risk of serious beatings for saying this... Don't think its privacy as he could just make up funny answers, so he must think it beneath him :):):)

Paul Burgin said...

I was going to say something, but Malc is a friend of nearly ten years standing, and it doesn't seem a good idea to keep taking sides ;)

the dĂșnadan said...

Evie and Paul,

You two both owe me RESPECT big time. Paul, you can do this by supporting MANCHESTER UNITED this season and Evs you can do this by taking a photo that I understand. Honestly, what I have to put up with!


Paul Burgin said...

We clearly got to you big time! ;)
I will not support Man U this season because

a) I don't like them

b) I don't like them

c) I don't want Adele Reynolds (a reader of this blog and a big Man City fan) to put a contract out on me! ;)

A soft socialist said...

I would like to put a contract out of the man city defence who were abysmal against chelsea.

Louise said...

I've done mine, it was much tougher than I expected. Could easily come up with two for every question, but three was difficult in some cases.

Paul Burgin said...


Have you heard about that firm where you can apply to put a contract on someone, only they use water pistols (and it's those big soak guns as well!)


I concur about the crocs/alligators. That scene in Live And Let Die, is, for me, one of the most unnerving scenes in a Bond movie!