Friday, August 25, 2006

Bloggers4Labour Social

Well I was one of the first to arrive (I think Kerron and Andrew at Bloggers4Labour were first) and we were swiftly joined by Andrew at WongaBlog , Luke Akehurst, two of the chaps at Let's Be Sensible, Andrew Brown, and some chap who reads Fiskin Central)
Conversations ranged from how insufferable the hard left were, Labour Party Conferences, the future leadership challenge, David Tennant, just how scary is Live and Let Die?, and vegetarianism.

As per usual we did feel slightly lost as a male only group, which doesn't do justice to our assertion that blogging is not a male domain. So please ladies, it would help a lot if you were able to turn up next time and for another thing some of the conversation would not degenerate into crass humour, the way it did in some quarters (I didn't start it! Nor incidentally did Kerron, who was the first to leave)
Kerron has already blogged on this and you can find his account here.


Barry Beef said...

the hard left are about as insufferable as the radical centre

Andrea said...

"lost as a male only group"

well, when I look at the first photo (without finishing to read the text), I thought the person next to Luke Akehurst was a woman.

Kerron said...

Andrea, just cool your boots there young lady...