Monday, August 21, 2006

The Dame Shirley Porter debacle. Snowballing news?

(Sky News)
There are many excuses for silence or aquiessence in the face of something wrong happening, from the disgraceful "I was only following orders!" to "I didn't know?" , and "If I interfere, it will make the situation worse!"
To be even more fair, some of these comments may well be right, but for the first time in recent weeks I have heard another one. Namely "It seems like an old story that's run its course...where is the interest?...(not) terribly notable!"
Yes folks I am mentioning Dame Shirley Porter again. How irritating? Why not mention what a dreadful person John Prescott is? Why should I pick on a seventy-six year old bully and battleaxe and keep mentioning abuses that a member of the Conservative Party did! After all it was a long time ago and to bring it up now is a tad embarrassing! Just hide it under the carpet and adore the excellence that is David Cameron!
Well two answers to that! One I have no interest in bettering the Conservative Party's fortunes (strangely enough), and secondly (and far more importantly) a major abuse of power happened here which destroyed (and is still destroying) many livelihoods and justice looks like it is being evaded. I would be just as tenatious about Derek Hatton and Liverpool City Council if I was a generation older and blogging existed in the 1980s.
But anyway, I digress, because today it has been announced that London Mayor, Ken Livingstone has announced that he is seeking legal advice to see if charges can be brought against Dame Shirley Porter. He has written to the Attorney General and asked for an "urgent investigation"
This follows her recent purchase of a £1.5m Mayfair flat after claiming to police that her fortune had dwindled to just £300.000, following an over £20m surcharge against her, due to her involvement of the "homes for votes" scandal.
Of course, none of this is news for Tory bloggers though! For one thing it's embarrasing, she isn't John Prescott, and she isn't Labour!


Andrea said...

Cameron is desperately seeking female candidates to get selected and Shirley is just back in the country. Maybe Conservative Central Office should approach her, the marginal Westminster North is there up for grab!

Paul Burgin said...

Crossed my mind! ;)