Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Greenbelt 06 Part II

Further to my last comments, I am setting off on Friday morning (although I will still be blogging, albeit infrequently, and boring (ahem) telling you of what has been going on there.
As for now, I am starting to have to deal with packing and sorting out a tent. My present one seems to have gone AWOL and I have flung myself on a friend's mercy (the nearest shop for these kind of things no longer stocking tents and with a five day order, which is too late for me). Thing is that spare is none too waterproof, but we shall see how things develop.
As for Bloggers4Labour social, I will be there, as I will have everything packed and ready by then. Thursday is a day off, so plenty to do! :/
And yes, God willing I will blog about the social from Greenbelt.


Hughes Views said...

I hope you enjoy your visit to Cheltenham; we're blessed with the racecourse that has the finest situation in England imho. If you get the chance, lift up your eyes to the hills! Bit of a rumpus in town though because cheap tickets, which in previous years have been available to anyone who lives in the Cheltenham or Bishops Cleeve postcode areas, are this year, I'm told, only on offer to those who live very close to the event.......

Paul Burgin said...

Have been thre three times before and love it! Am not impressed with the cheap tickets thing though, that kind of thing isn't helpful in the long term!