Sunday, August 27, 2006

Greenbelt 06 Part V (Taize, Daniel Beddingfield, and morning services)

Well I went to a film review yesterday afternoon, which was cool, although the DVD for Munich wouldn't work, but it was a reminder of how many good films I have been missing, such as Good Night and Good Luck.
Other than that it was a quiet Saturday, although there was a rather moving Taize-style service I went to in one of the main buildings. Very emotional for me. Partly because it made me face up to one or two issues that I have been struggling with in my head, partly because of the style of service, and partly because it is the first time I have been to a Taize style service since Brother Roger's murder.

After that, going to see Daniel Beddingfield in concert seemed a little... well you know (he's the distant figure under the spotlight BTW).
I wasn't too impressed, but some good songs there and I would have liked to have stayed with my friends, but for the fact that I had been up since half past six that morning.

And today!

Well a nice photo from outside my tent, and a morning service at the main stage, with Norman Kember doing one of the readings. Saw Stephen Timms in the crowd as well, so it was nice to know he wasn't one of those VIP's who came and went.
And later? Well will see Jim Wallis give a talk and at 7:30 will be at a CSM social
For more on Greenbelt, you can look here .

And here is a photo of the best place for teas and coffees and general chill out. The Tiny Tea Tent.


Kerron said...

Man it's dark.

You need a flash on that camera, mate! :)

Paul Burgin said...

I know :(
But bear in mind I was tired and irritable at that moment!

Annie Porthouse said...

they do great hot choc too... yum yum!

Paul Burgin said...

But they have stopped doing those nice muffins! :(