Monday, August 28, 2006

Greenbelt 06 Part VI (Beatles, C.S. Lewis, Presbertyrianism, and other things..)

Well I went to see a talk on "God's Politics" by Jim Wallis yesterday, which was worthwhile. I had heard the stuff before, but his call for left leaning evangelicals to stand up and get involved was somewhat timely.
Then I went to see Steve Turner's seminar on "The Gospel According to The Beatles". Bit of a queue to get in, as it was a high maintenance event, but no girls screaming and pulling their hair! ;)
As it was, Turner mentioned some of the obvious, such as the influnece eastern religion had on some of their songs, but that it never directly affected their work (i.e. The Beatles never wrote a direct song on Transcendental Meditation). He also pointed out the influence of Christianity on their work, albeit rare and reluctantly done perhaps.. (such as Let It Be). He also mentioned the little known fact that John Lennon nearly became a Christian in the late 1970's, only to be dissuaded by Yoko
A couple of hours and I am at the CSM Youth Social at the Organic Beer Tent, where we discussed student politics and other things which I cannot remember (and I am sure that has nothing to do with the cider I had! ;) ), before some of us left to see a C.S. Lewis biopic.
Today, and I went to a seminar on "Can a Presbertyrian be Prime Minister", which was fascinating stuff (was also amused to see Douglas Alexander in the audience ;) ), followed by a talk on freedom in Christ by Father Timothy Radcliffe of the Dominican Order.
And now things are winding down. The next time I will be blogging will be when I am home and dry. I love it here, and it has been good to meet with a variety of old friends, but I am a bit tired and want to go home tomorrow.
Sign of age perhaps! ;)
Will try and upload some of the photosof Greenebelt, that I have been unable to (as of yet), a.s.a.p. (Esp as I cannot upload photos at present, so bear with me)


the dĂșnadan said...

more on the C. S. Lewis biopic please!

Bloggers4Labour said...

Hi Paul,

Must agree with The D: C.S. Lewis interests me strangely.

Paul Burgin said...

Will do a blog entry about it later today

Kerron said...

Dougie Alexander - future Prime Ministerial material, I am telling you! :-)