Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Greenbelt 06 Part VII (The Aftermath)

After all that I am rather flaked!
Yesterday afternoon, I went to see a talk on "God Bless Adam and Steve?". Initally I didn't want to go, feeling that whoever was speaking and whatever view would be taken, the arguments would be selective and emotive. But some of my friends were going and I was persuaded. It was from a pro gay perspective, and, unfortunatley, some of the arguments were selective, but not emotive (fundamentalists will refuse to listen if you are emotive, whereas they might if you argue dispassionatley from a Biblical perspective), and it was thoughtful, considerate, and insightful. I would go further on this, but it opened me up to new ways of thinking on this issue and I want to dwell on that a bit more first!
Then, apart from attending an Eight PM comedy event at "The Winged Ox" and spending time with my friends Aidan and Katie, along with Katie's friend Sarah, that was it.
A bad night, the chap who snored like a pnuematic drill in a nearby tent was still at it, and this morning I sadly packed away my things, although I was glad to be going, feeling tired and wanting to go back to normal life again. It's not like the days when the Subway Writers Group was in full swing, but C'est la vie!
Left Cheltenham at Nine and got back home by midday. Nice to have a proper wash and not constantly being on my feet going from one event to another.
As for the Lewis talk that some asked about, it was a screening of Beyond Narnia,which was shown in the New Year on the BBC. I watched it then, but only caught the tail end of it. It starred Anton Rodgers as C.S. Lewis, and what I liked about it is that it a) was far more accurate than Shadowlands , and b) was filmed at the actual places where Lewis would likely be found in Oxford, i.e. The Eagle and Child scenes with the Inklings were actually filmed there, and scenes set in The Kilns (where Lewis lived and now preserved by the C.S. Lewis Foundation) were actually filmed at the house itself. Plus it was an overview of Lewis's whole life, and not just his time with Joy Davidman Gresham
And I think that is about it, oh and just to mention that below are photos I was unable to upload at the time. One of the crowd at the Sunday Communion Service, the other of the seminar presented by Steve Turner
And so, from Greenbelt 06, or rather from home, adieu!


Annie Porthouse said...

i had wanted to go to that adam and steve talk, but it clashed with my 'work'.

i do recall seeing 2 guys snogging very publically (a lot) in the area outside the organic beer tent... perhaps their names were adam and steve?!!

Paul Burgin said...

Hoped to bump into you and Philip Purser Hallard, but fair do's as they say!