Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The No S**t Sherlock Awards and Other Tales

Kerron has done a fine post in one go on two subjects on which I wanted to blog today. Inadvertent spoiling with finesse :D
I agree with the various comments made that Charles Kennedy's drink problem was a tough situation for all concerned. After all it is not as if those of us in the other parties are unfamiliar with it. That said, Iain Dale is right on this issue, they should have tried to remove Kennedy sooner, no matter how difficult, painful, and how much they liked Kennedy personally (and Charles Kennedy can be a nice guy!)
As for the Conservatives, well hindsight is remarkable, but it would have helped when they took this view when it was most needed, not when they are in opposition and desperate to return to power. I don't doubt Cameron's sincereity, but he should realise just what sort of party he is heading and that they are increasingly fed up with him.
Which leads me to Sir Alfred Sherman (incidentally I would like to know who wrote his Wikipedia entry, looks a bit biased). Looking at the obits, I notice he was a former Marxist who became very right wing (which shows a lot about what sort of person he was). Arrogant and rude, he argued with colleagues and friends, as well as enemies, and seemed to hold that naive view (prevailent among the monetarist apostles and marxists) that if only measures a, b, and c would be brought in, everything would fall into place, people would co'operate, and we would have a perfect society. He was also one of those Thatcherites who had difficulty with the words "understanding" and "consensus", as Ridiculous Politics mentions:

Mr Sherman was noted for giving an interview to Pravda in which he said "As for the lumpen, coloured people and the Irish, let's face it, the only way to hold them in check is to have enough well armed and properly trained police." During the furore that followed, Sherman merely complained that the quotation missed the word "proletariat" after "lumpen", and denied using the phrase "well armed".He then went on to work for Serbian war-criminal Radovan Karadzic.Charming people, these Tory advisors.

Ah well, C'est la vie! :/


Kerron said...

Always happy to ruin your day, Paul. ;-)

Paul Burgin said...

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"Kerron has done a fine post in one go on two subjects on which I wanted to blog today. "

You should try and wake up early to write your blog entry before Kerron.

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