Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Popular Blogs at Bloggers4Labour (Week 8)

Disclaimer: As Jo has pointed out, these are the Top Ten with the most recommended posts. The Top 10 Bloggers at B4L this week, as voted for by fellow bloggers are:

1) Labour Humanists (Same place)

2) The Daily (Up one place)

3) KERRON CROSS - The Voice of the Delectable Left (Down one place)

4) normblog (Same place)

5) Harry's Place (Same place)

6) wongaBlog (Same place)

7) Take back the voice (Has returned to the Top 10)

Jt 8th) Recess Monkey (Up two places), Skuds' Sister's Brother (Down one place)

10) Ridiculous Politics (NEW)

For the curious, I am now in 16th place


Lola said...

YAY for ridiculous politics!

Paul Burgin said...

Good to see you back Lola, you were missed! :)

Lola said...

jolly good!

Paul Burgin said...


A soft socialist said...

Glad to see I have re-entered the top ten. Perhaps more people will want to read the blog due to the appearance of a lot of labour red on the blog.

Kerron said...

I am clearly slipping - rally the troops! :-)

Paul Burgin said...

Your blog is a joy to read in any case, Adele! ;)

A soft socialist said...

Kerron get your act together. Paul, thanks for your kind words.