Monday, September 18, 2006

Another New Link to a Website

This time I have added a side bar link to the Christian Socialist Movement .
I should have done it much earlier and, whilst I am disapointed by their recent involvement with Nestle, it is the only Labour Party group of which I am a member and a proud one at that.


Anonymous said...

urgin (pronounced virgin),

Nobody cares about religion. All religion is complete crap. There is no meaning of life, basically you’re born and you die and that’s it. There is no after life; if we all lived forever in heaven we would go mad. To quote Marx, 'religion is the opium of the masses'. Just because we can’t explain how life began, you religious nuts automatically assume that god created it, which is a ridiculous position. Science has undermined so much of religion and the popular myths it peddles, but even science cannot prove everything, it can only speculate. However religion claims it has the ultimate truth – but how anybody can claim that.

Stop peddling this religious nonsense on this blog of yours and instead push for a socialism utopia instead.

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks anon
It's abuse like that that helps convince me I am doing the right thing! :)

Anonymous said...

As the true anonymous, I take offence that somebody else is using my name to insult Burgin (pronounced virgin) - only I’m allowed to do that.

UK Daily Pundit said...

Are you also disappointed that Nestle have just axed 645 jobs in York and yet 'Is Slavery History' appears to be still going ahead?

What else are you disappointed about? Iraq? Afghanistan? Hospital after hospital being closed down? Cancer patients being denied life-saving treatment due to lack of funds? Leave religion to the religious and the politics to the politicians. The world might be a better place for it.

Paul Burgin said...

Thing is Pundit, I am not happy about anyone losing jobs (one of the reasons I initally was attracted to the Labour Party was because of high unemployment under the Conservatives), but this is about ethics. Nestle have caused a great deal of suffering and harm in Africa and that must be noted and, taking a "liberal" view here, as an individual I am entitled to refuse to buy their products and as a member of an organisation of which I am proud to be a member, I have a right to complain when I feel that that said organisation has made what I regard to be an unethical move.
Ethics are important in the political process, otherwise one might just as well have not helped abolish slavery because of the resulting job losses.