Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blair at the TUC Conference

(BBC Online)
I suppose I ought to mention my views on this, before it disappears from even the inside pages.
I haven't agreed or have been happy with everything the Prime Minister has done or said, but, broadly speaking, I am happy with the past nine years of Labour Government and you can't fault them for trying. Plus it was interesting to hear the PM echo what my maternal Grandad used to say about how some on the left behave when Labour are in power.
So I don't agree with all of those in yesterday's audience, but I respect a lot of them. It's just a pity they showed a lack of respect for what was the Prime Minister's last speech to the TUC Conference before he retires.


fairdealphil said...

I respect fellow trade unionists who stayed and listed, but not those who place themselves outside the Labour Party.

RMT are no longer affiliated and of course will have no vote or influence in who becomes the next Leader of the Labour Party.

So empty gestures is all they have.

Paul Burgin said...

Well it said more about them than it did the Prime Minister

DavidP said...

I was interested by a bit that the BBC (World Service) extracted, about Hamas. So, I hunted down the full text of the speech. I give a link here (at the end):