Thursday, September 14, 2006

Choosing the leader

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Once, when answering a questionare on books, I didn't give a proper answer on a book that made me laugh out loud. I plain forgot two books that did. One was the Red Dwarf novel Better Than Life, the other is "Things Can Only Get Better..." by John O'Farrell.
One of the gems in the latter is the reaction of John and his student friends at Exeter University when Michael Foot is elected Labour leader. They go to the Student Union bar to celebrate and notice several of the University Tories also at the bar, seemingly celebrating something as well.
This came to mind this morning when I read of Patricia Hewitt's interesting, but flawed idea about electing Labour leaders.
Put basically, the Health Secretary wants members of the public to be involved in the voting process.
I can see the attraction and on one hand it may inspire confidence. On the other hand, members of the public include members of the opposition parties and for those who vote Labour, or are members of the Party, do you honestly want Tories, Lib Dems (shudder! ;) ), or anyone else deciding who our leader is! I mean, can you imagine them holding a pen or pencil over a ballot paper and thinking "Hmm, I wonder which candidate will help our nations fortunes and bring Labour to another term in office!"
Neither can I


politaholic said...

Don't people who vote for, or are members of, other parties already have a vote in the Leadership election, if they are members of an affiliated trade union and pay the political levy?

Paul Burgin said...

There is that, and it is not something I am happy with, but this will make it more widespread. We need to lessen such incidents, not increase them