Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Conference Blogging

Some seem a bit, well, put out about the choice for Official Blogger for the Labour Party Conference this year.
It's fair enough I suppose, but (and writing as someone who won't be going this year, although I shall be keeping an eye on events) I don't really think it matters. True there is the fame and attention, but if you have a popular blog already, like, say, Councillor Kerron Cross of South Oxhey, then it shouldn't matter.
Kerron mate, you are a great guy and politically sound, with your heart in the right place (I wouldn't have made you DPM in my fantasy blog cabinet otherwise), but don't shed a tear about this, many across the land, nay the Globe, will be reading your blog during that fateful week, and especially as they will see you as Labour friendly, but speaking of your own mind!


Kerron said...

Turns out I know the guy in question.

Had no idea he blogged though - I'm not sure he did!

Personally I think it should have gone to Recess Monkey.

Or alternatively a site we had heard of! :-)

Paul Burgin said...

With due respect, itwould never have gone to Recess Monkey. It is the kind of gossipy blog that can make enemies in certain places.
To be perfectly honest, the whole thing doesn't bother me. We all have popular blogs with a dedicated readership!