Friday, September 22, 2006


There is not much that I see on the television that can drive me to tears, or even to the brink where I feel a lump in my throat.
One of the very few things that did distress me to that point was the video that was shown at both Live Aid and Live 8, of footage of the Ethiopian famine, played to the song Drive by The Cars. Even if I hear the song on the radio or the television, I feel goosepimples.
Of course the sad thing is that these disasters never go away, and what compounds the horror is when we turn our face and ignore what is going on, and that is the impression I get about Darfur.
Whilst we are all busy reading about the Party Conference Season, the UN has been busy trying to extend it's peace keeping role in a region where much of the country is inaccesible to aid and has seen a three year civil war where more than 200,000 people have died and more than 2 million have been displaced.
The UK has been doing it's bit, but there seems to be no groundswell of concern or support as is needed!
Perhaps that ought to change! Perhaps we ought to be more informed about the situation there, before the country becomes another war torn country faced with severe famine.


Louise said...

I think one thing that the government can do is join with the Americans and actually push for the situation in Darfur to be recognised as a genocide. This then opens more doors for action. One of the biggest failings of Rwanda was using the term "genocidal acts" rather than genocide.

This is an interesting YouTube video from the Aegis Trust

Anonymous said...

If God does really exist Paul, why does he let these terrible things happens. it just goes to show that there is no god or afterlife, its just here and now baby.

Barry Beef said...

"The UK has been doing it's bit"

Yes, Paul. The Government has covered itself in glory on this issue. Get real.

Paul Burgin said...

Perhaps you could ask yourself whether, if God exists, he is with the medical services and anything or anyone else who mop up these situations.
Barry, yes they could do better, but at least the DFID are making an effort to bring help to Darfur. It's not good, it's not ideal, but more can be done!