Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Deputy leadership

(BBC Online)
Well this was rather interesting! Put it this way, I am holding an open mind as to who I will be voting for with regards to the Deputy leadership, but I would not be unhappy if Peter Hain got the post.


Anonymous said...

Who has God told you to vote for Mr Burgin.

Andrea said...

I think all names rumoured for the deputy position so far are quite good. I think Hain, Johnson or Herman would be good deputy. I read suggestions of Hazel Blears though and, well, I'm not that impressed by her (I liked her when she was at the home office, but as chairman she's hopeless)

Paul Burgin said...

I would prefer Hilary Benn.
What God thinks, I don't know! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sod that!! Hialry Benn for leader! Its about time people woke up to the fact that Brown's policies will be the same as Blairs. Benn at least though 'not a Bennite' seems to be of the soft left.