Monday, September 25, 2006

Gordon Brown setting his stall!

(BBC Online)
I originally wrote this article for Labourhome:

One of the things that has bothered me in the last few weeks is a concerted effort by some to slam into Gordon Brown as a way of ensuring that he is not the next Prime Minister.Then there was that opinion poll in The Guardian a few days ago, suggesting that voters prefer David Cameron as PM!This fails to take into account several things. The first being that people's views can change, the secondbeing that, during the late 1970s, Margaret Thatcher never did well in popularity contests against James Callaghan. In the end it was policies that mattered (In that case unfortunatley for Labour, who were bitterly divided and faced a concerted attack from the hard left).Plus, what about this Poll?And at the next general election it is policies that will matter again. Today, Gordon Brown gave a hint of what a Labour government under his leadership would mean! The Chancellor mentioned more work on helping with climate change. Giving Parliament more say on decisions to go to war, the possibility of a written constitution, and (I quote):

"The renewal of New Labour must and will be built upon... a flexible economy, reformed personalised services, public and private sectors not at odds but working together so that we can truly deliver opportunity and security, not just for some, but for all,"

Plus you can bet your bottom dollar that he will continue the work on better aid for Africa, which he has helped a great deal in his work as Chancellor.Admittedly these are just hints as now is not the time or place to elaborate too much. But I like what Gordon has said and what he has already done as Chancellor. A national minimum wage, a stable economy for nearly a decade, interest rates controlled by the Bank of England.Plus, and I will try not to whisper, but he is a nice guy as well! For those of you who have yet to meet him, you will find that when you do, he is quite a warm and thoughtful person. Fairly genuine and rather considerate. Maybe he isn't as charismatic as Tony Blair, but should that really be a primary qualification to be PM! Not according to the electorate if you look at the results of some general elections


Andrea said...

Solid and competent, but not very exciting, speech IMO. What I expected from Brown

Paul Burgin said...

Does it have to be exciting!