Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jamie Oliver Vs The Junk Food Mums

I was somewhat astonished, and yes disgusted, when I was watching the evening news the other day and saw a gang of mum's handing junk food to their children over the school gates. The school in question being Rawmarsh Community School, and they have implemented Jamie Oliver's healthy school meals policy.
On face value it looks like a tale of ignorant parents riding roughshod over what is ultimatley their children's best interests. But scratch the surface of this tale and it becomes more interesting.
For a start, according to the G2 Section of yesterday's Guardian (the one bit of yesterday's newspaper I did find), it turns out that most children went to the local chippy across the road during their lunch break. They still did after the meals changed and the mothers started their poilcy of bringing over meals in the interests of road safety. Admittedly there is the local chippy trying to keep it's best turnover of customers during that time of day, but also the parents concerned were not consulted over the change in school meals. A significant oversight which has brought this confrontation.
Unfortunatley though, it has given the mother's concerned a bad image, and whilst they insist they are giving their children choice, their actions are questionable.
Thankfully though, an "uneasy" truce is now in place with talks agreed for this week, so hopefully things will improve, but an interesting story nonetheless and it just goes to show that things are not quite what they seem.

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I say stop their benefits...