Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Bedroom

Well I went for a spring clean today (being a day off), as it was starting to become what my sister would term "a troll hovel".
So, lots of duesting, sweeping, spraying of furniture polish, throwing out old things with no sentimental value and it looks okay.
Thing is though, in doing this kind of thing, you find yourself going through old papers, birthday and christmas cards, etc.. and it gets kind of emotional

As did this!

The birth tag that was around my wrist shortly after I was born in Bolton Royal Infirmary on September 30th 1975.
It feels like it is an honour to have!


A soft socialist said...

The bed looks very blue and very clean!

Paul Burgin said...

Due to hard socialist work I hasten to add!

Anonymous said...

I bet you have entertained many a younger lady in that room Mr Burgin - you old devil.