Sunday, September 24, 2006


(BBC Online)
It goes without saying that one of the obvious scandals to hit politicians are sexual ones. Was it not Henry Kissinger who said that "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac"
Probably not the ultimate but I get his point, although I wonder about people being attracted to someone with Kissinger's political record, but I am digressing perhaps.
One recent sexual scandal has involved the Conservative MP James Gray and this has caused some particular outrage, notably the fact that his wife was battling cancer at the time.
Well according to yesterday's Guardian newspaper, his mistress's husband has lashed out at Gray, saying that his actions have caused pain and hurt which will be felt "for decades".
But where I think he goes for the jugular is when he states that:

"Second, he seeks to blame the 'pressures of parliamentary life' for conducting an extra-marital relationship ... In my view, this cliched excuse is overused and totally meaningless. It suggests that there is one moral code for MPs and another for the rest of us.
"Third, he pompously says that 'some political opponents may call for me to resign, but that is to seek to take party political advantage out of somebody else's private life'. In 18 years at the criminal bar, I have never read such sanctimonious, self-serving drivel. To call it spin is to insult even Peter Mandelson."

I agree. A lot of people are in high powered jobs and yet manage to see warning signs and find ways of coping, but what I find offensive (although not as much as the jilted husband) is when he mentions about political opponents calling on him to resign. Not only is it offensive to his soon-to-be ex wife, and others, as well as being monumentally selfish and cruel, it is an affront to common decency. You don't mean to tell me that every time a member of the Labour Party has been accused of something or has been in hot water, that the Conservatives have not shamelessly taken advantage of such an action or experienced shadenfreude! Sometimes you know, when political opponents criticise an individual, it is because their actions seem just a teeny bit amoral and breathtakingly nasty, not because of the political Party he or she is in!


politaholic said...

Frankly, this should be a private matter. But Conservatives are quick enough to lecture us on "family values" (although I don't know if this particular MP is culpable on that score). This leaves them open to the charge of hypocrisy. On the other hand, and without meaning to be cruel, I find the "wronged husband" a bit pathetic. I mean no one compelled his wife to open her legs for the Right Honourable Member. As they say "It takes two to tango". The cuckold's eagerness to pubicise his private troubes so widely is a bit - well - odd.

Paul Burgin said...

There is that, but it's the fact that James Gray's wife was battling cancer, at the very time she needed him most, that bothered me. If I were a prominent MP and had a wife in that situation, I would like to think that I would resign my front bench post and spend my spare time caring for her

politaholic said...

Yeah, I take your point, Paul. The MP's a shit. But the "wronged husband" is pathetic. What can one say? They're all bloody Tories.

Paul Burgin said...

Well put it this way, I have never been cuckolded, as far as I know, so I don't know how I would react in those circumstances!