Friday, September 15, 2006

Short Fuse

(BBC Online)
For, let's say, just over 50% of the time I find myself in disagreement with Clare Short, and this is one of those times.
Resigning in principle over Iraq is one thing (even if she did dither over that intitally), taking a dislike to the Prime Minister and his style of government is one thing (I doubt there has ever been a Prime Minister who has never been on the receving end of that attitude from at least one member of his or her party).
But advocating a hung parliament whilst the Party you are in is in office, and you yourself are an MP!
It is not only disloyal, but it is insulting to your colleagues who are in key marginals who work very hard in their respective constituencies. I myself have worked for an MP who lost his seat at the last election (Geraint Davies), and worked as a campaign intern in the constituency of another during the 2005 election (Tony McWalter) . To see these men lose their respective seats was heartbreaking after all the hard work that had been done in those two constituencies, and I am sure many Labour readers have similar stories to tell.
So do I have any sympathy for Clare Short over any disiplinary action that may be taken!
No, not really.


Andrea said...

Clare Short...controversial until the end. She couldn't announce her retirement in a normal way (so just attacking Blair, as usual), but she really wanted to go out with a bang.
I read the Chief Whip wanted to arrange a meeting between her and some MPs in ultra marginal seats...I would have loved a Short vs Bob Marshall Andrews meeting. Big Bob would have probably told her: "listen, Clare, I can advocate the loss of my seat on my own without needing your help"

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Since Short is publily inciting some voters to vote against Labour candidates, isn't she automatically expelled from the party?

A soft socialist said...

I think that will happen soon. No great loss.

Paul Burgin said...

I agree!
If, as is the rumour, she defects to the Lib Dems, good ridance!