Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stockholm Syndrome

I know, I know, that title is starting to go flat in context of those recent elections in Sweden.
There are a no of things, courtesy of that fair nation, which gives us a warm glow (depending on your opinion). Such as Ikea, ABBA, Sven Goran Erikson leading us to the World Cup Quarter Final in 2002 (what a shame about this year!).
But what those of us who are Social Democrats (and I mean in the broad sense), were particually fond of, was the consistent model of the centre left being in government for so long. The sheer fact that the Social Democrat Party in Sweden kept to it's standards and remained in such harmony with it's voters.
Now this has happened.
But, to be fair, I don't think this is the tragedy that some commentators make it out to be. The Social Democrats are still the largest Party in the Swedish Parliament, Sweden is a democracy, so these things do happen (and rightfully so) from time to time. Give or take a few years, depending on how the Social Democrats react, we may well see a return to prominence of the centre left in Sweden.


GlassHouse said...

It also speaks volumes that the opposition had to promise not to go beyond tinkering at the edges getting a whiff of power.

The SocDems might have lost the election, but they've won the argument.

Anonymous said...

To call yourself a social democrat is indeed using the broadest sense of the words.