Saturday, September 16, 2006

Top 100 Labour Blogs: No 9 Mars Hill

(Iain Dale)

Tory blogger Iain Dale has ranked me No 9 in his Top 100 Labour Blogs list .
The list is an extract from his new book "Iain Dale's Guide To Political Blogging in the UK", which I am looking forward to reading with great interest.
But he also rates highly some other fine blogs as well as my own, so it was a pleasure to see in the list Kerron (No 1) Bob Piper (No 2), Alex Hilton's Labour Home (No 3),Antonia (No 5), and Jo (No 6)

And here is the full Labour list (courtesy of Antonia).
Oh and it was nice to see Tim Roll-Pickering in the Top 40 of the Conservative blog list.


Barry Beef said...
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Anonymous said...

Number 9...You have got to be kidding.

Shaun (ed.) said...

Congrats Paul, you've always been my favourite Labour blogger. Keep it up.

Other Labour bloggers I like:
Skipper (Bill Jones)
Kerron Cross
Ministry of Truth

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks, am a bit humbled by all this!