Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another Boris Johnson moment!

(Boris Johnson)
Earlier today I visited Kerron at Portcullis House, and the Reedites are a gang of their own as per usual. Plus I got to meet the mysterious, but sensible Linsay.
But one of the best moments was whilst I was waiting at reception. An alarm went off near a painting of the Queen, several security guards rush over and it turned out to have been triggered by one of the female Tory researchers who was welcoming some other young women. Don't ask me how the alarm was triggered, but it was. Meanwhile, in the midst of the confusion, I spot a familiar figure with a mop of straw blond hair, look furtive as he walked out of Portcullis House!
Just what was Boris up to? And is there more to this story than meets the eye?


parburypolitica said...

I must have seen him on the way there.


Paul Burgin said...

He certainly gets around!