Birmingham and Stravinsky

(Birmingham NEC)
This weekend was spent in Birmingham, in the delightful company of my girlfriend. And among the events she planned for us, was an evening at Birmingham's Symphony Hall watching the CBSO perform a couple of pieces by Stravinsky.
I am not familiar with his work, so the pieces were new to me. We did enjoy Les Noces , which had a wild, yet contained style to it. That said, I don't think he is among our chief favourites!
But it was a great evening, and if ever you are in Birmingham, do go and have a look at Symphony Hall, it is a beautiful building and it is relatively financially painless to go and see the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra perform there, and to watch them is an experience!


Andrea said…
"This weekend was spent in Birmingham, in the delightful company of my girlfriend."

Birmingham.... Girlfriend....are you dating Clare Short, confess?!!
Paul Burgin said…
Oh no, definetly not! Someone more exciting ;)
Praguetory said…
As long as there is no performance on it is very easy to poke your head round the door when you are in the International Convention Centre - and it is worth doing. I am ashamed to say I haven't been to see a performance at the Symphony Hall. See the roof in your picture. I believe that it can be raised and lowered according to the acoustics that the performer is looking for.
Andrea said…
I should have guessed it wasn't her...your one took you to the Symphony Hall, CS would have taken you to the "Stop the War I vote for-Bash Blair Project II" event
Cloud had his OU graduation at Symphony Hall. Sadly I haven't seen performances there but am advised it is great. I really REALLY should go. Stravinsky sounds like something I would have enjoyed as well...
Paul Burgin said…
Andrea, S is not that political, Lisa, you should go to Symphony Hall, it is an experience worth having!

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